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User feedback directly from your game via Unity Integration or API
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Source Control Integrations

How does it work?

Our source control integrations allows you to reference card ids in your commit messages:

$ git commit -am 'Increased size of hit boxes. Fix $3f1'
$ git commit -am 'Added animations - please review $2xr @sarah'
$ git commit -am 'Refactored god class in preparation for $5ta'

This allows you to either mark a card as done or even start a review without having to leave your terminal.

How to set it up?


First, go to the Organization Settings and find the GitHub tab. You will then be asked to authenticate via a button. Once this succeeded, you will be able to select and connect a repository.

Bitbucket & GitLab

The procedure for Bitbucket and GitLab is fairly similar: Find the corresponding tabs in your Organization settings and find the Create Webhook Url button. This will create a url that you need to enter into your Bitbucket/GitLab settings. Follow the instructions within the settings, if you need help!
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