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Time Tracking

Our card workflow model already allows to signal which cards are currently being started. Once you opt-in to time tracking, any card that is started, will be measured automatically.

Convenience built in

The tracking widget will be always present while tracking time. This allows you to quickly stop and restart and a task no matter what page you're on. We also realize that your everyday work may be full of little interruptions. This is why we allow you to adapt your time on the fly.

Manually report your time

Once time-tracking is activated, you are in no way forced to make use of the real-time tracker exclusively. A card's history panel allows you to add and manage your time tracking data.

Powerful reports

Our time tracking report allows you to dig into your team's tracked time. Here you can filter and sort by date, owners and projects. Export your report as csv to integrate it into your billing system.
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