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Conversations & Notifications

Codecks saves you from getting lost in too many sprawling conversations by embedding each conversation within a thread belonging to a card. Each thread has its own list of participants such that everyone knows where his or her feedback is needed.

Signal important conversations by modifying a card's state

Conversation threads come in three flavours. reviews to ask for feedback,block a card to indiciate to others that you can't progress without further input and simple comment threads for in between communication.

Always know who's involved

Add participants by mentioning them. All particpants will receive a persistent notification that disappears after replying or actively dismissing it. Participants can opt out if they feel they can't contribute no more.

Resolve and move on

Resolve conversations to let everyone know that you arrived at a conclusion. This will greatly help your team stay focussed on threads that have not been resolved yet.


Our notifications are actually not inspired by other apps - but by games such as Civilization 5 and Endless Legend. This implies that we're aiming for a system similar to inbox zero.

Keep what's important, dismiss the rest.

Every notification will stay visible until you've made the conscious decision to act on them. This way you're much less likely to accidentally drop important information. Once you're done, you dismiss it with a click.

Context matters

We keep notifications meaningful to you – sending you notifications only for changes that affect your cards, or decks that you are subscribed to.

For cards and conversations

We don't just use notifications for card changes but also to help you keep track of conversations. You will always be notified of conversations that require your input.

Get notified beyond Codecks

Our Slack and Discord integrations allow you to set up what changes will notify you and your team in your favorite chat tools.
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