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Open Decks

Show your Codecks project to the world!

We love open dev

We’re big supporters of open development and are building Codecks to be a great platform for it. Our Open Decks make it possible to share the contents of any of your Codecks projects publicly on the web. Anyone is able to navigate to your page and see all the project cards and their contents.

Joining matters

Fans visiting your Open Decks can join your community, allowing them to upvote individual cards and receive email updates about your project that are automatically created.

On show

The Open Decks Gallery is a great way for discovering cool projects that are already using the Open Decks feature and to get inspired by how other devs are using Codecks.

Every vote counts

Your own team members can also join in on the fun and upvote cards inside your project: a potential use case is to signal group agreement regarding game design ideas.

All the numbers

Stats give an overview of the latest upvotes, including those from your Open Decks, your Discord community and your own team as well. They also display how many guests are visiting your public Open Decks page.
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